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Saygin Suzen

Sales and Marketing

Expansion to new territories and establishing a local presence is one of the most challenging decisions a company might face along its growth path.

A powerful brand and high-quality products or services, unfortunately, are not sufficient on their own to build a solid presence in a region where the fundamentals of doing business may differ.

The local dynamics should be very carefully evaluated, especially in a vast and dynamic country like Turkey. Once the decision to set up the local organization is taken, many companies aim to minimize risks and go on with distributing products only by existing partners to ensure continuity. These partners know the products or services, and a good relationship has already been established with them.

As the new local marketing and sales teams start to gather and analyze detailed information about the market, it is often revealed that the existing partners cover only a portion of the market. Conflict of interest with other brands in their portfolio and lack of resources are among the most common reasons.

Business can undoubtedly continue to grow under these conditions, but the growth rate is much lower than the actual potential. Therefore, the need to change the distribution strategy is there, and companies start acquiring new strategically aligned partners with sufficient resources.

Building a local presence with local talents should go hand in hand with high-performing account management and business development teams to establish the right relationship with existing and new partners.

EXCOIM supports your marketing and sales organization in building up a country-wide distribution network via broad-line distributors, regional partners, or your own direct sales team.