Core Services

We’re your global partner with local expertise

Access to local knowledge and resources in combination with top executive experience enables us to deliver strategic business services and conduct consulting engagements effectively and efficiently.

We turn insights into action by addressing capabilities, resourcing, coordination, accountability, legal and cultural barriers.

Management & Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

We provide expert guidance to companies who already have an expansion strategy or are still developing it. We help you capitalize on the special opportunities in the country through our local knowledge and relevant insights.


We help companies, teams, and individuals transform through a result-driven, methodical, and people-oriented approach.

Organizational Development

Developing the performance or culture of an organization means implementing deliberate practices, systems, and techniques that affect organizational change. We are there for you, providing the right tools for the task.

Executive Coaching

Whether you are looking for a sparring partner to elevate your personal career or a trusted partner for business innovation, we are here to help.

Sales & Marketing

Market Research and Analysis

EXCOIM connects you with local market intelligence providers to gather in-depth market insight and supports you in analyzing the findings.

Brand Positioning

To set your business apart from the rest, it is important that your brand positioning is tailored to the local market.

Localization of Products

Target a more diverse audience for your products and services by moving from standardization to localization.

Must-Win Accounts

EXCOIM provides you with channel mapping of the Turkish market to explore and define what your products or services mean to potential customers.

Contract Management

Utilize the local experience of our team to secure partner contracts that meet your expectations, and comply with requirements.

Local Aspects of Pricing

Your pricing strategy is one of the most critical factors when entering a foreign market. We help you develop a viable market-entry strategy that works for the local pricing landscape.

Trusted Local Marketing Partners

We introduce you to the best potential partners if your existing marketing set-up is missing certain capabilities necessary for the Turkish market.

Customer Service

Trusted Service Partners

We will work with you from defining partner type to finding service partners that meet your business standards. Together we will establish systems covering customer services in line with the regulations in the country.

Product Certifications

Most products have to be certified for trading in Turkey, as defined by the Turkish Standards Institute, consumer protection law, and regulations of the relevant ministries.

Service Partner Management

Continuously monitoring the quality and costs of your service partners is essential. We will be defining a support plan to develop partners and keep them at the desired level.

Customer Satisfaction

We help you to collect customer service satisfaction data for improving customer interaction with all services and your company.

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

PLM systems help organizations monitor product quality and manage all required assets, parts and tools during the product lifetime in line with the regulations in the country.

Waste Management

The type of the product determines the processes and actions necessary for managing waste from its collection to final disposal. In many cases, there are special legal regulations you have to comply with.

Supply Chain

Adapted Supply Chain

Localizing your supply chain strategy is one of the keys to a successful expansion. Turkish customs regulations, taxes, and duties need close follow-up as these change frequently. EXCOIM utilizes its accumulated knowledge of financial, tax, and risk management to minimize costs and maximize benefits.

Trusted Local Logistics Partners

We will find and shortlist logistic partners and customs brokers, which best fit your products or services and can offer you the best possible distribution.

Finance & Compliance

Merger and Acquisition Consulting

We will guide you through the rich Turkish culture and business habits and assist you from entering negotiations to completing your merger or acquisition.

Registration of a Local Company

Our in-depth expertise will help you decide on the correct form of your new company. We will assist with all required permits and licenses.

Accounting and Reporting Systems

We offer guidance on selecting a suitable ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system and assist you in setting up a local chart of accounts in line with reporting requirements.

Outsourcing of Accounting and Statutory Reporting

The services of a Certified Public accountant are required for completing and submitting tax returns on behalf of your company. We will support you in finding suitable employees and business partners.

Liquidation of Companies

Drastic decisions need management of emotions just as much as the management of resources. We provide project management support for restructuring or liquidating companies.

Human Resource Management

Organizational Design

EXCOIM supports you in defining and organizing the structure of your local company. Creating job titles, job descriptions, allocating people and resources are just some of the necessary organizational design steps we can help you with.

Onboarding and Recruitment Consulting

We help you find ways to attract talent or even connect you with the ideal candidate who has the skillset you need. With a strong onboarding program, you can make sure your new employees are aligned with your business goals and work effectively from the beginning.

Payroll Administration

We oversee and coordinate the payroll suppliers on your behalf to make sure your payroll operations are running smoothly and cost-effectively.

Compensation and Benefits Plan

We create a fully-fledged employee compensation and benefits plan for attracting top talent and recruiting the best possible candidates for your business.

Company Policies and Handbook

We will work with you in developing your company’s internal policies and in designing employee handbooks to clarify the rights and responsibilities of both employer and employees.

Adapting from Global to Local Culture

Learning about local cultural business practices and traditions is crucial for companies operating in foreign markets. We will make sure such adaptation efforts take place in all major areas of your company’s activity.

Training and Development

EXCOIM empowers you and your teams to develop and implement successful conventional and digital learning strategies across your organization to drive business growth.

Performance Management

A well-designed performance management framework can enable start-ups to thrive in a dynamic business environment. We aim to institutionalize practices that will allow high performance, growth, and employee engagement.

Talent Management

Finding and retaining talent is one of the major challenges that organizations face. We support you in building tools and the roadmap for retaining your team of talented people.

Agile Team Building

A strong team consists of self-aware, self-motivated, and self-managed individuals who take responsibility and are accountable for their actions.