About Us

Decades of experience at your disposal

At EXCOIM we are passionate about each client, irrespective of size or industry. We build trust in our relationship through sharing our local hands-on experience with integrity as we strive to be the only partner necessary for a successful expansion to Turkey.

Roman Trödthandl

Roman draws on over 30 years of experience in setting up successful businesses in Turkey, Dubai, Africa, and Central and Eastern Europe.

Roman led Canon Eurasia based in Istanbul, Turkey as Managing Director for 8 years from launch to establishment, building teams for direct sales and maintenance service for B2B products as well as developing B2C channels all over the vast and diverse territory of Turkey. Sales revenue doubled in the first 4 years and exceeded 100 million Euro per annum while market shares of all product groups improved significantly.

Before establishing Excoim, Roman had had the responsibility for the whole African continent. He led teams with people from 30 different countries as Managing Director of both Canon Central & North Africa in Dubai and Canon South Africa in Pretoria.

Roman is the founder of Excoim and will support your company in the area of strategy creation, transformation processes and organisational developments.

Alp Aydogan

Alp is a senior executive with more than 25 years of hands-on experience in finance and operations in multinational organizations and in different industries. He is an expert in development and implementation of organisational and financial strategies as well as in purchasing and facility management.

Alp has been Finance Director of Canon Eurasia before he started his own consulting business. He set up the finance and control department in the company, developed processes for productivity and change-management and made sure those were adhered to.

Alp is responsible for setting up your finance & supply chain, fully compliant with the Turkish rules and regulations.

Faruk Hancarlıoglu

Faruk has 33 years of experience in customer service under different operational environments: direct operation, partnership contracts, and outsourcing. He is a specialist in localization of products, compliance to Turkish statutory regulations, product lifetime management, and customer service excellence.

Faruk has been Service Director of Canon Eurasia responsible for customer service excellence in Turkey and Israel. He led 3 direct service stations, managed 50 service facilities of partners and 4 outsourced operations for consumer and business products.

Faruk is an expert for customer service excellence, which includes the customer service strategy, after sales service, service network, product certification and lifecycle management.

Saygin Suzen

Saygin has more than 15 years of experience in cross-functional managerial roles including sales, marketing and business development in EMEA at headquarter, regional, and national levels. He is an expert in brand positioning and brand management in territories with high growth potential.

Canon became the market leader in Turkey and Israel in all product groups while Saygin was Sales and Marketing Director of Canon Eurasia.

Saygin is responsible for sales development and supporting clients in establishing the appropriate marketing strategy for their message to to be heard by the target market.

Eda Aydoğan

Eda has more than 10 years of experience in coaching employees, executives and teams that leads to effectiveness and agility within the organizations.

As our world is shifting and changing all the time, the needs and wants of the individuals and organizations are too shifting and changing. Learning to move with newness’s and changes is a continuous learning to find balance and for sustainability. This requires mindfulness, trust, commitment and courage.

Although coaching executives and teams, Eda’s focus is also on building sustainable structures through self-leading individuals and regenerative teams that would fulfil Organization’s purpose in alignment with the Individual’s.

Eda has been coaching, facilitating and training groups, teams from many different organizations. She has been guiding people in Council Guide Trainings which is a transformational Leadership Training, internationally (Spain and Switzerland) for the last 7 years.

Eda is supporting clients to gain clarity on what is required to move forward and fostering their human resources.

Ferdinand Lucke

Ferdinand brings more than 20 years’ experience in General Management, Sales, Marketing and Commercial Digital Transformation at an Executive Level, taking on difficult leadership roles in some very volatile parts of EMEA businesses in the Technology Sector. He has held General Manager positions in Germany, Spain and Portugal and has spent several years in Holland and England in international roles.

As a seasoned businessman, Ferdinand’s approach is deliberately results-oriented, methodically careful, and humanly respectful. For him lofty goals are an incentive, a feasible challenge, and together with the existing team, he uses a methodical basis to plan for success. Ferdinand prefers profound, courageous, and methodical change processes. His passion is the transformation of dysfunctional teams into successful, and satisfied teams. He has a solid network across Europe, the Middle East and Africa, has successfully led national, regional, and international teams. He has initiated and successfully delivered change management projects.

Ferdinand is a certified executive coach and his passion is the transformation of dysfunctional teams into highly functional cohorts that are not only successful, but feel fulfilled.