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Eda Aydoğan

Executive Coach & Facilitator

Building up a strong team is clearly the most important necessity for every organization, and it can be a significant challenge when you’re expanding to a new country.

Developing the human resource assets and functions to build a new organizational structure is one of the critical steps during foundation.

Whether you have already established a company in Turkey or are in the entering stage, it is vital to build a strong HR organization and HR systems to retain your talents and attract new ones. Introducing appropriate HR practices can help your business scale up quickly.

Turkey has exceptionally qualified and adaptive talents to support your investment. The company should prioritize attracting those talents and providing proper working conditions, workplaces, and personal development opportunities.

HR management strategies and detailed plans deserve special attention because of the country-specific labor regulations, complex social security system, cultural diversity, and competitive labor market.

EXCOIM team will provide comprehensive support to meet your HR management needs during and after the establishment of your business in Turkey, regardless of the size of your organization.